Meet the Team

Chef Mo

Program/Culinary Director 

Chef Mo began her career in the culinary arts after graduating from Le Cordon Bleu in 2008.  She spent many years working in a number of bakeries and restaurants throughout the Chicagoland area and decided it was time to discover a way to combine her two passions, cooking and children, into one promising career.  She moved to New York and assisted in the opening of Molly’s Cupcakes and decided to start moving toward her newly established goal to teach children the joy of cooking. "I want to show kids where their food comes from and how to prepare it in different and interesting ways. I want to help them develop a healthy relationship with food by teaching them how yummy and fun it is to prepare their own meals with fresh ingredients." After many years teaching children in New York, Chef Mo decided to make the move to the West Coast which brought her to the YUM Chefs kitchen. “I’m so excited to be apart of YUM Chefs and very eager to share all my knowledge with my students and their parents”.

LeahBrooksLeah Brooks


Chef Leah Brooks hails from Seattle where she graduated from culinary school and spent many years at some of the Pacific Northwest’s most celebrated restaurants. After spending some time assisting her former chef teaching children’s cooking classes, she knew she no longer wanted to cook at fine dining restaurants… she wanted to be in the classroom with kids. Leah was drawn to the Bay Area for its cornucopia of fresh ingredients and the edible education movement that originates here. Leah is the author of Baking with Kids, a book that offers from scratch recipes and helpful tips for parents on how to safely cook with their kids.


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