Baguettes: a Yeasted Bread

Today we experimented with the leavening agent known as YEAST!We let the yeast, warm water, and sugar, awaken together in a bowl, whilst mixing the dry ingredients together.Once frothy, the wet mixture was combined with the dry, and a dough was formed. We let it rise in a covered bowl, on top of our refrigeration in the kitchen-- a nice warm, stable spot for the yeast to do its magic.... Oh, and it sure did! Our baguette dough was very fluffy and soft, thanks to the power of this leavening agent.Chef campers had the chance to shape their dough into baguettes and watch them bake in the oven.Once baked, each student prepared and assembled their own sandwich fixings for lunch. This bread was a hit!

You can check out this recipe in Leah's (the Founder of YUM Chefs) in her cookbook, for purchase, here!

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