“A Day in Camp”

Camp begins

Each morning we gather and wait for our friends to arrive. After we greet the day with a name game or stretching, we often head to the kitchen for a chefs meeting where we go over our prep list for the day.

Garden harvesting

We then head into the garden to harvest what we might need to craft our delicious meal and for a chat on how/where our food grows. After we harvest and wash our garden produce, we head into the kitchen.

Daily lunch project

The highlight of a camp day is cooking our own lunch. We roast, we toast, we slice, we dice -- all while having fun cooking and building sustainable life skills. Students look forward to a full meal experience which often includes an appetizer or a delicious beverage.

Eating around the table

Once we have completed our prep, we all sit together around a communal table and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Sitting around the lunch table allows students to decompress, take pride in their work, and build community with their peers.

Outdoor leisure time

After lunch, students have the opportunity for some leisure time which can include playing outside, reading a book, or working on an art project.

Afternoon snack project

Students return to the kitchen where we work on our final project of the day- often a sweet treat!

Camp ends

This brings us to the end of a camp day: each child leaves with a full belly, a full heart, and excitement for the next day!

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