The kids enjoyed Italian music while making homemade ricotta cheese with Straus milk for our Veggie Lasagna Baked Bell Peppers! The recipe is by Chef Hollie from Joyfoodly. The kids also made homemade tomato sauce with herbs from the garden. They layered the bell pepper with ricotta, sauce, shredded zucchini topped with mozzarella cheese. The older kids also made focaccia!

We also enjoyed a fun strawberry snack with ripe in-season local strawberries!

Recipes can be found on our website

We had our last Farmer's Market class of the spring season. The kids made delicious breakfast tacos with homemade tortillas filled with scrambled eggs, roasted carrots, potatoes and beets. To compliment the tacos, the kids also made, smoothies, beet greens chips (sort of like kale chips) and strawberry crumble! Our next Farmer's Market class will be in the Fall.

In our after school classes, we made mole tofu with elote (corn on the cob). Mole is a savory sauce made with chocolate that can be found in burritos, enchiladas etc. Depending on where you go, each mole sauce can be very different. I forgot to take photos though :-(

Today we had a garden salad class with the preK! They harvested lettuce from the garden. In the kitchen, they chopped up apples, mangoes, bell peppers, carrots and cucumbers to add to the greens. They also made crispy tofu croutons and homemade herby vinaigrette!

This week we created the lightest, fluffiest mini pillows - potato pillows, aka gnocchi! We made Italian style gnocchi. The ingredients are very simple, consisting of potato (we used yukon gold), egg and flour. Gnocchi means "lump" in Italian. So we started calling them lumplings! The students made a fresh basil pesto and chopped up cherry tomatoes for the gnocchi. The older kids also made a lemon honey vinaigrette to dress a colorful salad of baby greens, toasted pumpkin seeds, carrots and tomatoes.

In the words of Mark Bittman, Gnocchi is "labor intensive but highly rewarding". We found the process quite relaxing.

You may find all the recipes on our website here

Cinco de Mayo is on the horizon and we're gearing up here a Y.U.M. Chefs! This week we made a Mexican-inspired feast! We started with some masa, which we mixed up, rolled into balls, and smashed in a tortilla press.

Then, once our tortillas were nice and flat, Chef Katy grilled them a la plancha to crispy, golden perfection.

But what are chips without dip, you might ask?! Don't worry, we had dips galore! We mashed up avocados into guacamole; we diced tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, red bell peppers, and mango to make a pico de gallo; we even made a cheeseless 'queso' with nutritional yeast and potatoes! Que rico!

Best of all, we were able to enjoy our bounty while we sipped sour orange agua fresca, made with oranges picked from the tree in our garden. At Y.U.M. Chefs, we value the act of sitting together and enjoying a meal, of sharing in a beautiful and collaborative moment, that nourishes not only our bodies but also our souls.

We got our hands (and faces!) dirty this week in the Teaching Kitchen! With cherry blossom petals aswirl and jasmine perfuming the air, we've got spring fever! This week, our budding chefs explored some time honored spring treats: chocolate and eggs.

In one of our Spring Celebration Pop-Up classes, we used ingredients you'd find in any kitchen (cocoa powder, coconut oil, powdered sugar) to whip up some chocolate bark - kind of like a thin candy bar. We made them into fun shapes and sprinkled them with toppings of our choice. Next, we shaped some coconut milk ganache into truffles - so indulgent! Of course, we took some time to eat some chocolate, too, which got amazingly messy.

After our luxurious lesson in chocolate, we turned our attention to eggs: pickled, dyed, and turned into mini gardens! We cooked up some natural dyes with beets, cabbage, and turmeric  to color our hard boiled eggs red, blue, and yellow; we also used some leaves from the garden to make prints on an egg or two! Next, we made a southern favorite of pickled eggs - one pink from beets and one brown from salty soy sauce. Finally, we hollowed out some egg shells to fill with soil and chamomile seedlings. Practical, delicious, and adorable!

This week is coming to an end, but spring has just begun! We are SO excited.

What an eventful, delicious week we had here at Y.U.M. Chefs! We spent this week exploring Indian foods like biryani rice, mango lassi, and 3 kinds of chutney - cilantro, roasted red pepper, and mango! Our ever dynamic Chef Annie even led students in learning some bhangra dance moves. So tasty and so fun!


Another highlight of our week was the Taste of the Nation event, a food-centric fundraiser put on by No Kid Hungry. It is by way of events like this that Children of Shelters, one of our partner organizations, is able to fund our cooking classes on site at transitional living facilities around the city. We feel so lucky to be part of a larger whole of folks who are working to use food for good in our community.

Written by: Ally Miller 

Usually during sushi week we make traditional sushi rolls, but this time we switched it up a little bit! Onigiri means "rice ball" and Nigiri means to bind/wrap/tie! The kids learned new Japanese technique while practicing their knife skills as we put avocado, bell peppers, and cucumber in our onigiri and nigiri! 
We used our friend Holly's website joyfoodly.com to make the onigiri and nigiri recipes. You can find them on our website here: Recipes

We had a great pop up day camp on Friday!! We made burritos, chips and horchata. We read stories, played with veggie puppets, made play dough, has a dance party and played on the playground! It was a blast. We only remembered to take photos while the kids were eating lunch :-)

If you're looking for child care during a school holiday or parent teacher conferences, let us know and if we are available we will set up a pop up day camp for your child and friends!