Chewy Chomping

​​Today's episode of "Cooking Around the World" with Kinder - 2nd Grade Chefs, our host "Chef Katy Jane" showed us how to prepare DUMPLINGS!All of the chef campers were captivated by the "live" demonstration of dumpling dough making and veggie chopping. They each had the chance to roll out the dough, cut into squares, place the veggie filling in the center, fold up into triangle-shaped dumplings, watch them boil in water and best of all, eat these chewy dumplings for their lunch! Oh, and a complimentary crunchy cucumber salad for balance!Continuing with the chewy theme, in the afternoon cooking session, our kitchen whipped up a batch of "mochi chocolate cupcakes".  Whilst baking, we took a break from cooking and listened to Chef Ty read us a story.The smell of warm chocolate cupcakes from the oven sneaked into the room and we followed our noses batch into the kitchen. Chef campers loved creating a simple glaze of cocoa powder, powdered sugar, and water to use for the tops of the chewy chocolate mochi cupcakes. It was the "icing on the cake"!

Chew on these chewy recipes, here!

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