Farmer’s Market Cooking Class

Farmer's Market Cooking Class

Come join YUM Chefs Farmer's Market Cooking Class, where your child will be exposed to the fresh and exciting world of local produce.

YUM Chefs are able explore a variety of tastes, flavors, and textures of fresh seasonal food.  Class begins with a tour of the market, continues into a fun shopping spree of fresh produce allowing the YUM Chefs to decide what will be on the menu that day, then a walk back to the YUM Chefs kitchen to prepare what we purchased from the market. At the end of class the young chefs will clean up and enjoy a leisurely picnic-style snack spread, that parents will also be able to attend.

The class starts at the Noe Valley Farmer's Market (located at 3861 24th Street) and ends at the YUM Chefs kitchen. Drop off is at 10:30am and pick up is 1pm. We invite parents to come at 1pm to taste what their young chefs have decided to prepare and then we say see you later at 1:15pm. For ages 5 and up


Upcoming Farmer's Market Cooking Classes:
 June 1st

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