Dim sum more please?

The kids of the Monday and Tuesday afternoon classes had their first day of dim sum cooking this week. What kind of dim sum, you ask? Dumplings! We started with vegetarian dumplings, so when we move onto pork buns next week, the chefs already have the basics down. Unlike making cake, these dumplings had a lot of flexibility. It was really just a matter of chopping up vegetables, adding it all into one bowl, then cooking it on the stove. Once the filling was cooled, we were able to add and shape the dumplings. Leah steamed them, and a delicious orange-teriyaki sauce was made to dip the dumplings in. Overall, the chefs did an amazing job! Looking forward to next week's dim sum creations. Try the recipe at home with your family! We adapted this awesome recipe from happyolks.com.


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