Double Dough: Bagels and Pretzels!

Definitely a double dough day!In the morning, our campers created a nice bagel dough, allowed it to proof, and then shaped it into a traditional ring shape. After another session of proofing, these risen bagels were placed in boiling water, then transferred to a baking sheet to finish off in the hot oven.For lunch, we had an array of bagel sandwich fixings-- creating quite the spread: chopped veggies, grated cheese, creamy avocado, scrambled eggs, to name a few!Our second batch of dough was in the form of pretzels! Camp counselors absolutely loved seeing the breadth of creativity of the campers' shaping and styles of  the whole wheat pretzel dough.Some little chefs even took it to the next level, trying to master the traditional pretzel knot! Our groups came away with a variety of toppings, ranging from: cinnamon sugar, good old fashion salt, and a seed crusted option. So impressive, so delicious! The pretzel recipe is from our founder's cookbook Baking with Kids

To get cookin' on these recipes, you can view and download them here!

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