Exploring doughs 

Day Two of middle school Baking + Pastry week began harvesting herbs and salad greens in the KMS school garden. Chef campers brought in a bounty of oregano, fennel fronds, and basil for added flavor to their lunch!Once inside the kitchen, we made our own ricotta cheese?! Yes, it is quite a simple process with the freshest results: boiling whole milk and salt, adding the acid (lemon juice), watching the boiled milk begin to coagulate into solid curds, straining the curds from the liquid whey through a cheesecloth, capturing the fresh cheese curds, and seasoning with salt!Chef campers prepared empanada dough, summer veggie fillings, and the ricotta cheese, all from scratch.The best part may have been rolling out the dough and filling each empanada with a winning combo of fresh ricotta cheese, a veggie medley, and garden herbs.During our afternoon cooking session, we explored an entirely different type of dough for our Baklava dessert: phyllo dough. This flaky, puff-pastry-esque, dough is bought in a frozen form, thawed in the refrigerator, and pulled out to the working surface right when it is needed.Students loved layering the many sheets of phyllo dough, with generous amounts of brushed butter and a cinnamon-seed mixture. Once baked, each Baklava round was drizzled with the iconic honey syrup that perfectly sweetened this flaky-fun treat. It was a huge hit with these middle-school chefs!

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