Camp FAQs

Have questions about our camps? Read below for some helpful answers!

What does my student need to bring? We provide all the ingredients, tools, and recipes during the camp. Students should come with a water bottle, to-go container for leftovers, and sunscreen.  All students must be wearing kitchen appropriate attire with hair tied back and comfortable, close-toed shoes.

Will there be lunch provided? Yes. Over the course of the camp day, students will prepare and consume a lunch and two snacks.  If you know your student to be a picky eater, we recommend you pack a few healthy snacks just in case.

What is the staff to student ratio? 1:5. Safety and fun are our top priorities here at YUM Chefs. To that end, we have a robust staff of cooks, gardeners, and culinary experts all trained in First Aid/CPR and ServSafe Certified.

Will the kids be cooking all day long? Each day, students will work on two main projects: lunch and afternoon snack. Peppered throughout the day are arts activities, games and story time, and recess.

My student has an allergy. Can you accommodate them? We are able to accommodate a wide variety of dietary restrictions and allergies (dairy, eggs, soy); please be in touch with specific concerns. NUTS: While our kitchen is nut-free, the school campus is not - it is possible your student may come into contact with nut residue outside of our kitchen space. GLUTEN: We often use ingredients containing gluten in our kitchen, but are ready and able to make a GF versions of most things.

Do you offer vegetarian options for all camps? Yes, all of our recipes are plant-based and produce driven.  Because of this, we are able to accommodate many faith-based dietary practices.

Do I have to fill out two separate registration forms if I am signing up two of my kids? Yes, please fill out one registration form for each child.

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