Farmer’s Market Class, Mole and Salad!

We had our last Farmer's Market class of the spring season. The kids made delicious breakfast tacos with homemade tortillas filled with scrambled eggs, roasted carrots, potatoes and beets. To compliment the tacos, the kids also made, smoothies, beet greens chips (sort of like kale chips) and strawberry crumble! Our next Farmer's Market class will be in the Fall.

In our after school classes, we made mole tofu with elote (corn on the cob). Mole is a savory sauce made with chocolate that can be found in burritos, enchiladas etc. Depending on where you go, each mole sauce can be very different. I forgot to take photos though :-(

Today we had a garden salad class with the preK! They harvested lettuce from the garden. In the kitchen, they chopped up apples, mangoes, bell peppers, carrots and cucumbers to add to the greens. They also made crispy tofu croutons and homemade herby vinaigrette!

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