Fluffy bagels via YEAST

Another day in the chemistry kitchen... Yeast proved itself again that it provides the right amount of leavening needed to create FLUFFY BAGELS!The "yummy-scientists" were so impressed on how quickly our bagel dough came together, was boiled and backed, and sliced for veggie fillings-- all within 3 hours!Our chef-teachers loved hearing the praises of the texture, flavor, and accomplishments of this bread recipe.We too thought they deserved praise for their attention to detail and excitement for creating unique bagel sandwiches. Well done!In the afternoon, our camp whipped up a batch of Coconut, Chocolate, Date Truffles, using cocoa powder from Ghirardelli. Such a quick, easy recipe to satisfy that sweet tooth, with minimal amount of added sugar. The sweetness and stickiness of the dates helped with the foundation of making these truffles a perfect dessert and a perfect consistency.Our chef-campers loved using their hands to form and roll out individual truffles to eat on the spot, as well as, take home to their hungry loved ones!

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