Great British (+Irish) Bake-off

Day One of middle-school Baking + Pastry week was just like an episode from the show "Great British Bake Off!"These chef-campers got straight to the first baking challenge: Irish Soda Bread!After learning about this "quick bread" and its special leavening agent, the magical ingredient of baking soda, our groups mixed together the dough, shaped into rounds, scored the tops in order to... as the Irish say "let the fairies out", and sprinkled with seeds!Warm out the oven, this hearty bread was a lovely addition to a delicious chickpea kale soup. Baking challenge one, complete! Lunch day one, complete!Our second baking challenge of today's "Great British Bake Off" episode was the classic British dessert called Sticky Toffee Pudding. The students mastered the making the date-filled batter, scooping it into the tins, baking to perfection, and creating a toffee sauce for drizzling on top. What a winning combination in both flavor and texture! Congrats little chefs!

View today's British baked good recipes, here!

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