Hummus and Flatbread: a trip to the Middle East

Taking on the task of making Lavash was fun, hard work. Lavash is a flatbread from the Middle East region and we taught our chef-campers how to make it from scratch!After several rounds of kneading, we let the dough rise again in a warm dry spot in our kitchen.Our students thoroughly enjoyed rolling out their lavash dough into a thin disk, before baking off in the oven.Here is a moment-in-action of our fabulous Junior Counselor, "Chef Sage", demonstrating the kneading technique to all the little chefs.Check out that bounty of flatbread-- oh and that adorable smile!This flaky flatbread paired wonderfully with a crisp, crunchy cucumber salad, homemade hummus, and freshly roasted red pepper dip (called Romesco). In the afternoon, we put our hands and thumbs to work, throwing together a simple butter cookie batter for "Thumbprint Cookies!". Thank you Strauss Creamery for the decadent and sustainablely-produced butter!To fill our Thumbprint Cookies, our chef teachers and campers chopped up local, ripe plums to be cooked down in to a sweet, fresh jam. Oh and we had some extra Dulce De Leche on hand, so of course we put that sweet sauce to tasty use!

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