Korean Kuisine!

Day 2 of Cooking Through Asia landed us in Korea-- a land of delicious and nourishing foods. Chef campers received extensive knife and cutting demonstrations this morning. Their skills and attention to detail were showcased in the perfect piles of chopped produce: matchstick cucumbers, diced onions, half and quarter moons of mushrooms and zucchini, strips of baked tofu, and ribbons of rainbow carrots!Each child had the opportunity to express their creativity through plating their own bowl of Bibimbap-- a Korean dish known as "mixed rice". What incredible colors, textures, combinations, and flavors these bowls had! The lunch table was such a beautiful sight: lemon balm and chamomile iced tea paired with empty bowls of what was Bibimbap!In the afternoon, we explored the multitude of gifts the "coconut" gives us! From locating the hole, creating a incision and spout, draining out and saving the water, carefully cracking the shell, removing the white meat from the shell, thinly slicing the meat into "chips", toasting them in the oven with salt, combining the coconut water, coconut milk, and lime juice into our ice cream machine, and serving up a refreshing cup of slushie coconut sorbet!

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