KMS Wednesday Lunch Classes

YUM Chefs is excited to offer special lunch classes on Wednesdays for KMS students in the Kinder and Upper Elementary programs!

Each week, we focus on new and delicious lunch foods! We use seasonal ingredients to make student favorites like Mission-style burritos, breakfast for lunch, pizza, sushi, and more!

While in the past we have had a rotating menu schedule, this semester we're going to mix it up a little. We're going to cook and eat a broad variety of lunch foods, so keep an eye out for some fresh surprises mixed in with classics!

[ALL] Lunch Class Sessions are *FULL*. 

SPOTS AVAILABLE in our AFTER SCHOOL cooking classes this Spring. Sign up today!

KMS Wednesday Lunch classes 11:00am-12:00pm

FEBRUARY Session ($75 for 3 classes)
Wednesday 7th - Veggie Lovers Pizza
Wednesday 14th - Delicious Mystery

Wednesday 28th - Delicious Mystery

MARCH Session ($75 for 3 classes)
Wednesday 7th - Sushi + Chirashi
Wednesday 14th - Delicious Mystery

Wednesday 21st - Mexican Fiesta

APRIL Session ($100 for 4 classes)
Wednesday 4th - Breakfast for Lunch
Wednesday 11th - Delicious Mystery
Wednesday 18th - Veggie Lovers Pizza
Wednesday 25th - Delicious Mystery