NYC Baking: Bagels and Pretzels

In Day Four of Baking + Pastry Week, we explored some iconic baked goods of New York City: bagels and pretzels!Chef campers learned about the bagel making process first hand! Each student formed the bagel dough into its traditional ring shape, then Chef Katy Jane assisted with the initial boiling step. Once boiled, we were able to sprinkle toppings, such as: sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and cinnamon sugar. While the bagels baked in the oven, our little YUM Chefs prepared an array of fixings: homemade sunflower-butter, plum and nectarine jam, herbed butter, and fresh veggies. It was so fun watching their enthusiasm and creativity shine whilst assembling their unique bagel sandwiches.For the afternoon session, our groups threw together a whole-wheat pretzel dough and let it rise. After doubling in size, the pretzel dough was ready to be shaped into its famous knot design. Chef campers had a great time with this dough!While the pretzels were turning golden brown in the oven, we took a little artistic break by making foodie-collages using recycled food magazines. The final product came out of the oven in perfect color, texture, and taste! Chef campers made a honey-mustard, as well as, a chocolate dipping sauce for these delightful pretzels.

Check out these recipes, here!

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