Oo La La, Baguettes and Galettes

Shaping baguettes and folding galettes were our focus tasks today in Day Three of Baking + Pastry Week! Not to mention, refining our knife skills and plating techniques-- check out that spread!After shaping their baguettes and popping them into the warm oven, students were able to menu plan which sandwich fixings they wanted. When it came time to filling and assembling these adorable baguette sandwiches, they were prepared and excited!In our dessert cooking session, Chef Katy Jane demonstrated how to roll out galette dough, chop seasonal stone fruit for the filling, and how to fold up the dough edges.Now, it was their turn to show us their skills!Oh, how cute and rustic! Chef campers thoroughly enjoyed the buttery, flaky crust of these mini galettes, the tartness of the nectarines and plums, and the hand-held nature of this treat. Great work today!

Today's delicious French-inspired recipes are featured in Chef Leah's cookbook, available for purchase here!

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