Spring has Sprung here at Y.U.M. Chefs!

We got our hands (and faces!) dirty this week in the Teaching Kitchen! With cherry blossom petals aswirl and jasmine perfuming the air, we've got spring fever! This week, our budding chefs explored some time honored spring treats: chocolate and eggs.

In one of our Spring Celebration Pop-Up classes, we used ingredients you'd find in any kitchen (cocoa powder, coconut oil, powdered sugar) to whip up some chocolate bark - kind of like a thin candy bar. We made them into fun shapes and sprinkled them with toppings of our choice. Next, we shaped some coconut milk ganache into truffles - so indulgent! Of course, we took some time to eat some chocolate, too, which got amazingly messy.

After our luxurious lesson in chocolate, we turned our attention to eggs: pickled, dyed, and turned into mini gardens! We cooked up some natural dyes with beets, cabbage, and turmeric  to color our hard boiled eggs red, blue, and yellow; we also used some leaves from the garden to make prints on an egg or two! Next, we made a southern favorite of pickled eggs - one pink from beets and one brown from salty soy sauce. Finally, we hollowed out some egg shells to fill with soil and chamomile seedlings. Practical, delicious, and adorable!

This week is coming to an end, but spring has just begun! We are SO excited.

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