2018 After School Classes

Registration for Spring 2018 NOW OPEN!

Our 12-week Spring Session will begin the final week of January. We are offering classes for students of all ages.

Please click your student's age group below to enroll:

Here at YUM Chefs, we think cooking and eating should be a joyful experience! Our kitchen is a safe space where students can build confidence, grow community, and learn more about food and food culture. We work from seasonal, produce driven recipes to create delicious and nutritious meals with young people. In our hands-on classes, children are encouraged to try new foods from around the world, engage all of their senses, and have a fun time.

 Spring Session:

Cooking from Our Culinary Library

Each week, we will crack open a different cookbook to explore foods from many cultures and perspectives. Exact recipes are TBD, but see below for guiding concepts.

Week 1

Introduction to Kitchen Culture

Week 2

Culinary Tools and How to Use Them Safely

Week 3

Cooking Methods: From Toasting to Roasting

Week 4

Exploring Taste:
Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Umami

Week 5

From the Farm: Fruits and Vegetables

Week 6

A Punch of Flavor: Herbs and Spices

Week 7

Wholesome Whole Grains

Week 8

Delving into Dairy

Week 9

Sauces, Dips, and Spreads

Week 10

Plating and Presentation

Week 11

Creative Cooking Showcase

Week 12

Sweet Celebration!