Sushi, four ways!

Such a thrilling finale to our Cooking Through Asia week: rolling our own sushi rolls!These middle-school chefs showcased their knife techniques by chopping a rainbow of fresh veggies into thin matchsticks-- perfect for rolling up into sushi!Our chef teacher Andi demonstrated four different ways to roll sushi: Maki, Inside-Out, Nigiri, and Hand Rolls!Everyone enjoyed their own unique, edible creations and made enough leftovers to bring home and share with family members.For the final sweet treat of the week, we made Chocolate Mochi Cupcakes with sweet rice flour and Ghirardelli chocolateStudents loved whipping up this easy batter, spooning it into the tiny muffin tins, and watching them bake in the oven.What they loved even more was EATING the chewy, fun texture of these little chocolate mochi cupcakes! Camp staff absolutely loved cooking with this group of chef campers and hope they all have a delicious rest of the summer, and maybe preparing some of the dishes we made this week! Bon appetite!

View today's Japanese inspired dishes, here!

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