Sushi with our littlest chefs!

Kids can cook! Day one of "Cooking Around the World", our staff counselors were blown away by the talent of this new batch of our littlest chefs: K-2nd graders!Each student helped prepare a rainbow assortment of veggies, using our plastic serrated training knives. Our sushi roll fillings included: red bell peppers, roasted Hodo Soy tofu, purple and orange carrots, ripe avocado slices, green cucumber sticks, and juicy yellow mango! They did an amazing job rolling up their individual rolls and an even more amazing job "cleaning their plates" at lunchtime. YUM!For the sweet treat cooking session, this "cookie dough bite" recipe was an instant success. The simplicity of the ingredients, process, and taste was a perfect introduction to "baking" for this age group.Oats, sunflower-seed-butter, dried cranberries, honey, cinnamon and vanilla-- oh and a handful of chocolate chips for the win! Chilled to perfection, consumed with excitement!

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