Taiwanese Tapioca Pearls!

Today's Tasty Travels: Taiwan! In our journey around the Pacific, we visited the small but mighty island nation of Taiwan today! Using our well-honed knife skills, we sliced, diced, and chopped up some seasonal veggies to make a filling for some dumplings.

Once our fresh veggies were sauteing in a pan - and smelling so fragrant and delicious - we began work on making and rolling out our dumpling skin dough.


We worked hard to roll the dough thin enough to be toothsome, but not chewy, and thick enough to hold in all of our fillings - what a fine line!

We formed our dumplings in so many shapes! We also colored our dough with some natural food coloring - turmeric for yellow, paprika for orange, and a mixture of kale and cilantro for green.

YUM! We ate them allllll up! BUT! We didn't stop there. No visit to Taiwan would be complete without a nice cold cup of fruit boba tea, with chewy tapioca pearls. We mixed our tapioca starch with some hot water, mixed it up, and shaped our pearls.

Such abundance! After a quick boil on the stove, our pearls got soft, clear, and chewy.

To complete our delicious beverage, we blended up some mangoes and peaches into a fruity slush, placing our fresh boba pearls on the bottom of our cup.

Thanks for a delicious day, Taiwan! If you're feeling adventurous (and we hope you are!) see our recipe page and try your hand at homemade boba tea!

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